Charities & Donations

  • Both individually and as a company we have a commitment to giving back something to the community and supporting charity.
  • We stage our own charity events and donate to a charity close to home.
  • We also engage with local communities via fundraising tastings for charities, community groups.
  • If you are interested in such an event please contact us.
  • As a retailer we are taxed on everything we do, whether it’s from every bottle of wine, every staff hour, every penny of rent. We pay a large amount in taxes every year so I like to think we have already given something back.
  • Due to the number of requests we can’t make donations, hand over raffle prizes or sponsor events. As we are fledgling business, donations would jeopardise our immediate future as a local business for the community.
  • What we can do though it what we do best. We can put on events and organise. We ask suppliers, and our professional contacts for support in organising tastings and the money raised after costs considered goes directly to the charity.